Confused on starting an online business

Starting an online business is exciting, and daunting and difficult. It definitively takes you out of your comfort zone. And that is true even setting up an online business and working out how to make it work.

There are many resources online to identify your audience, your niche or topic/subject and the style you will develop in delivery of your product or service.

And importantly, how you are going to make money online?

Follow The Dream

We are bombarded by a constant deluge of messaging that promises that in a few short days|weeks|months|years|lifetimes you can fire your boss and become uber wealthy with gazillions of customers dying to stuff their money in your pocket.

Unless you are a super celebrity with an amazing following who believe every word you pitch, well I’m sorry it doesn’t work like that. And this is why you see a cautionary tale on super celebrity “Find the Pot’o gold at the end of the rainbow” websites. It goes something like this:

‚ÄúThese results are not guaranteed and there is no assurance that these examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future …”

And of course these super celebs, the gurus, they will tell you the only reason the disclaimer is on their page is because their lawyer said they needed to add it.

And they will tell you that following their system honestly, and with hard work (and investing in their super sized training|exclusive tools) and diligence, you too can make it.

There are testimonials of people just like you who have made it on their website. A handful of dazzling stories, rags to riches soliloquies that burn a desire to be just like them in that blank spot just behind your eyes, and giving you the conviction that YOU CAN DO IT!

You Can Make It, But …

Yes, that is true. You can do it. And the only reason people don’t make it is because they give up too soon. Or never finish the training. Or never start. That also is true.

I remember reading somewhere, or it may have been on one of the guru videos I was watching. And this was staggering. The guru said “Only about 5% of people who buy my course actually start!” When asked about the 95% who don’t – do they ask for their money back, the answer was “If you have a long enough guarantee period, they won’t ask for their money back. Either they forget.” Yes! Forget! “Or they rationalize that they will do it later.”

The 10 Steps To Not Succeeding

  1. People have a problem
  2. They search online for an answer
  3. They find your website
  4. They become convinced that your solution can help them
  5. They invest in some of your stuff
  6. They believe that your solution is the only solution that will work for them
  7. They buy your high ticket stuff
  8. It doesn’t work for them.
  9. They decide it was their fault (they had already convinced themselves that your solution is the only solution that will work for them.)
  10. They decide to try again at a later time, so don’t ask for a refund.

Don’t Believe It; Have Another Look

But before you shake you head in disgust, being amazed at how stupid this sounds, recognize that our society already educates us to follow this process.

It’s called education and healthcare!

Yes people can be this unaware. And they are – this unaware. It is encouraged in society. The fault is with us, not authority. We believe that having tried once, and failed, we must accept our defeat and return to what other people expect of us.

But for the entrepreneur, the rebel, the person who doesn’t want to run with the herd, this is an impossible pill to swallow. So we embark on a new journey of “Hey this looks cool.” Lets find out about it. Watch some YouTube videos to see how to do it. Oops they said why and what to do, but how the heck do you actually do it? Buy a course. Become convinced that the course provider is the only one who can teach you (solve your problem) – Buy a high ticket item. It’s not working. It must be my fault.

It’s not the money you spend that’s the real problem. It’s not that you couldn’t make it work that’s the real problem.

It’s that you start believing you can’t do it, and that’s the problem.

So how can you break away from the herd and run your own race?

To live the life you always wanted to live?

Breaking Out

Finding your purpose

First things first.

  • You should determine exactly what you want your business to do for you.
  • And work out your strategy to get there.

Some digital warriors really push the creature comforts, the private airplane, the MacMansion overlooking the golf course|ocean|European castle|Fantasy Land.

While others push the emotional|spiritual|philanthropist viewpoint of being happy and doing good in the world. it’s a help others attitude but not by giving the shirt off your back.

The cold hard truth is your business is separate to you. It is not you.

You have a successful business if it provides you with the emotional, physical and spiritual gains that you seek.

So first things first. Ask yourself:

  • What do you want to get from having a business?
  • Why do you want this?

Sometimes you have to drill down to find the answer.

For example, maybe you want a new car, in particular a Jeep Cherokee.

Asking why you want it yields “It’s a go anywhere vehicle that is reliable and comfortable to drive.” Sounds logical. But then ask yourself “What that would do for you?” “It means I can go anywhere I want when I want to.”

“So why is that important to you?” “Because it gives me the freedom to choose where I go and what I do.”

“Why is that important to you?” ” Because my dad didn’t have that and I missed out on time with him. I want to take my kids on adventures.”

“And why is that important to you?” “Because I want to be a great mum|dad.”

Rinse and Repeat

Doing this for each “want” you wish for from starting a business will drill down to the fundamental “what will make a you whole person” reasons to start your business. This exercise will let you clearly see what is important for you and will help you to build a clear picture of what your life will look like once the business is started and becomes successful.

But remember,

you are not the business, and the business is not you.

For the business to provide what you want and need, it will need its own clear objectives.

To find out more about building these clear objectives, check out this post.

But what you can do right now is download our Purpose worksheet and get started on what you want from your business.

95% of readers will do nothing about this. Will you?